we believe.

Learn from the history of what came before.

Listen. Wonder. Observe who will live here. Appreciate them as people.

Create a vision and POV that can only live here. No place else. From the land, the amenities, the homes, the brand, to how life is lived. 

Narrow the focus. Avoid the shopping list of expected things. Leave out what doesn’t fit. Do more of what does. 

Keep “how might we?” in focus. Always.


clients & collaborations.

  • Brookfield Residential (Canada)

  • Charter Homes & Neighborhoods

  • Eco-Vest Capital

  • Garman Homes & Fresh Paint by Garman

  • Institutional Housing Partners (IHP)

  • Johnson Development Corporation

  • LOOK Bath

  • Magleby Development

  • Melcor Development Corporation

  • Meristem Communities

  • Mountain Real Estate Capital

  • National Association of Homebuilders

  • Rancho Mission Viejo

  • Simple Life

  • Terra Verde Group

  • Touchstone Communities

  • Unscripted Interior Design



“Teri is an exceptional master-planned community development and marketing team leader. She is clearly one of the top talents in the field that I have ever worked with. Her experience, enthusiasm, and creativity are complemented by her focus, her communication skills, and fresh approach and effective marketing strategies. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with TST and her team as they helped us create a community vision and brand that will differentiate our master plan and help increase its value.”


—  Craig Martin, President/Partner, Tellus Group